Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year All! I hope this year brings you enormous joy.
2010 is done and over with however there remain some memories that I would lovvvve to share with you guys.
I was priviledged to be at Maye Hunta's video shoot of Owo Faaji in Lagos, Nigeria. This was my first time being on set. Let me tell you that shooting a video is lot of work. Never the less I didn't have to do much but seat and watch :D and take pictures.
A big shout out to Maye Hunta, DJ T, Uti, Nel Cater, ADK, Loadz and all those who showed me love on the set. I really appreciate it.
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All pics are now up on Flickr

Maye Hunta
Freestyle session

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