Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Color Me Evri

Hey guys,

Whats really good. Its been a minute I posted something up (tsk tsk). I am going to try my best to post entries as often as I can....I am almost tempted to say I want to post stuff on a daily basis but that aint gonna happen.

Whats new on the corner of Allen & Fifth? UniTees! I introduced these not too long ago in base white but they now also available in really funky colors...in fact take a look for yourself (below) Currently available for sale in the US, these will be hitting Lagos and Abuja soonish.

Also on deck is "I got ninety nine problems but my style aint 1" tee inspired by Jay Z's hit single. We decided to take a another spin on the phrase cos it speaks to people of African heritage who preserve "they sexy" regardless of what we are going through. Deep huh? :) We hope you like it.

Stay tuned for more freshness...

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