Thursday, April 15, 2010

Around *The Corner* Of Allen & Fifth

So it’s mid month (PAY DAY! whoop! whoop!) and I’m happy just as I am every pay day. Hope your April started off right. If not, I hope the second half of it turns out much better than the first.

Some of you know me as edede…that was the blog I had before I decided to create an Allen & Fifth blog. Well I have been slacking majorly on edede and as much as I claim to be the awesome multi-tasker, I think its best that I maintain one blog for now…drum roll please…and that blog is Allen & Fifth!

As for updates on what’s going on Around “The Corner” of Allen & Fifth-->

1. The UCONN show went well. I have to commend Yinka Edwards and team for making it a success. I also have to thank Blueprint by Ronke for her support through out the event. A huge thanks to Cornell U again (they know why).

2. New Allen & Fifth designs are well in the works. Actually they are well in production and will be released in a couple of days. I will be posting some sneak peek pics on twitter so follow me
@allenandfifth if you want to be among the first to see the new freshness.

3. 5 new design concepts have been finalized for the summer. Production for these designs is going to roll out sometime in May/June for release in July. Its looking like they will be unleashed in Lagos first though (sorry Yankee). Details aren’t finalized but I’ll keep you posted.

4. So as you might know, I am a music enthusiast and when I personally know a good artist I go all out. Anywho,
YESI is releasing his album pretty soon. Some of you heard Yesi’s work on my old site and loved it #youknowwhoyouare. His latest single G.R.A is off the charts. Its amazing and I am just waiting for his CD. You know amma be gettin *mines*. I’m trynna work something on the side with Yesi so Residents of A&5th can get a sweet deal, but we’ll see….(abi Yesi? haha)

5. I will be @ In the Spotlight. May 8th. See Flyer below for details:

That’s pretty much what’s going on around *The Corner*. Summer is here so don’t dull. Get your tees while they are here.

Take advantage of the 'STUDENT' discount code before I retire it. Yes, even if you aren’t a student you can still use it. Let’s just say it’s my way of showing respect to UNIs for showing me love.

Until next time…

A&5th FAM

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PS: For those wondering about why I post new entries during mid month or month end, I really dont know. Trust me its random.

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